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About Artist’s Alley Condos Toronto

Artists’ Alley Condos is a mixed-use development located in Toronto’s Downtown at 243 Simcoe Street. It is a 54 story property with two mid-rise buildings.

This project is the work of Lanterra Developments in conjunction with Hariri Pontarini Architects, who are attributed with the artistic designs of the development. The mid-rise buildings are 22 and 17 story. The three combined structure have a floor space of about 83,000 sq. meters.

Since the project is a mixed-use development, space of 12 meters wide has been set aside as a walkway for pedestrians. The ground floor is reserved for retail commercial use. The total number of units in this development will be about 1000.

A walking distance from the development is a vibrant neighborhood. You will be able to get to Chinatown, Dundas Square, and Eaton Center among many other exciting entertainment areas, just by walking from the property. For tranquility and peace of mind, there exist a number of parks within its vicinity.

The project is surrounded by some of Toronto’s iconic buildings, e.g. OCAD, Royal Ontario Museum, etc. University of Toronto and Ryerson University are just around the corner from Artists’ Alley. There are also several schools, pubs and restaurants within its vicinity.

Artists’ Alley Condos is an integration of art into the way of life in Grange Park neighborhood. Giving you the chance to revel in the presence of art. We are right at the center of where all the action takes place.


Artist's Alley Condos

This project consists of about 1000 condo units. The units are:

  • One bedroom,
  • One bedroom plus den,
  • Two bedrooms
  • Two bedrooms plus den

The walk and transit score of the development are both over 99%. Thus, you can easily walk to any place within the project with little hustle. The ground floor has been set aside for commercial use and has several retail shops. You will also find a variety of top-notch lifestyle amenities. Well, you can rent in a retail space as there already exists a ready market in proximity. Around the corner, you will find Toronto University and Ryerson University among hundreds of shops and restaurants. Adjacent to Artist's Alley Condos are a number of parks that offer tranquility and peace. A place to go to get away from the hustle and bustle in the area. Or a place to get some peace and quiet. Several restaurants are within its vicinity where you can go grab a bite. You can easily access other districts of Toronto, i.e. the Entertainment, Hospital, Discovery and even the Financial District. Some of Toronto's Iconic Buildings surround Artist's Alley Condos. You will there have a wide range of breathtaking views, and you will never be short of places to visit.

It is in the same area as the Art Gallery of Ontario, Nathan Philips Square, Canada's Walk of Fame amongst many other places to go. Four levels of space is set aside for commercial office space. You may therefore have the opportunity to live and work at the same place. It's an opportunity that no other place offer to you. Work and live in the same area. Make your booking now.

Our Partners

Artist's Alley is a development by Lanterra Developments in partnership with Hariri Pontarini Architects. Hariri Pontarini Architects are responsible for the breathtaking and innovative architectural designs for this development. This development is all about integrating your lifestyle with the beauty of art. It is a mix of exquisite design, style, and art. It also consists of an invigorating, 12-meter wide alleyway. The condos offer you luxury as you experience modern living like you never have before. We have been in this business, and we would like to help you realize your dreams:

Lanterra Developments

At Lanterra Developments, we have been active in the real estate market for several years now. We have 19 developments and counting and take pride in our recently sold-out 22 condominiums along College and Bay Streets. This project was born from our desire to incorporate art into your lifestyle. It is sure going to be an exciting experience for you if you choose to partner with us and book your space.

Hariri Pontarini Architects

We as Hariri Pontarini Architects take pride in our unique and artistic architectural designs. We are based in Toronto. Our work speaks for itself as you can see from the Artist's Alley designs. It is a fusion of a new paradigm of art, design, and style. This is in addition to the unique location of the development. We were awarded the Architectural Firm Award by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada's (RAIC). We desire to give the best combination of living, playing and working in the same vicinity. You don't have to go far to have a taste of this experience. All you have to do is get in touch with us.

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Are you looking for the chance to be right at the center of the action? At Artist's Alley development, we give a chance like no other to be a walking distance from all the other districts in Toronto. You will be able to access all the other areas by transit or walking, your choice, they all have a perfect score of 100%. What about my social life. The development is located near numerous high-end lifestyle amenities. It is all right at your doorstep. You will be able to access such facilities within the same development or slightly have a stretch of legs as the social amenities are nearby. Do you want to rent a retail space? Well, we have some office spaces for rent. All retail spaces are located on the ground floor. Thus your space will be easily accessible by people from within and without the development. If you are looking for a commercial office space, we have set aside four- levels just for this. To enjoy all this contact us and book your space now before it all runs out! We have an area suitable for everyone. Book an appointment with us now.